What Is Burning Man?

The annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. Everyone has heard about Burning Man in some shape or form, and this year Jamen Percy attended for the 3rd time. One of the 10 principals of Burning Man is 'Gifiting' and for his 2015 burn Jamen wanted to gift something rather unique.

The internationally awarded photographer and designer created the concept of 'What Is Burning Man?'. During the course of his week on the playa over 80 burners were interviewed to find out what the world-famous event really meant to them. We helped launch a full responsive, dynamic site that gave people stuck at their desks during the week a great insight into what Burning Man really entails.

A unique insight.

Through out the week Jamen interviewed over 80 Burners to find out just what the week long experience meant to them. Their vast and diverse feelings and thoughts were then painstakingly embedded in to multiple grids, with several 'Windows' into the Playa separating them. Each tile allowed users to dive into the mind of an individual burner letting them find out exactly why they made the trip to Black Rock City in 2015.

Each Burner featured an description about themselves, crafted by Jamen. Alongside this, a multitude of photos and video awaited the user to give them a truly rich insight.

The process.

The technical challenges with this project were not small. The base of the site is formed of 6 grids featuring the burners, each following a unique diamond pattern. A painstaking amount of time was spent mapping out each tile to pixel perfection to make it interactive, allowing HTML5 Canvas to providing the interaction animation as well as the allowing the user to dive into the world of any burner they desired.

Once into the world of a Burner, their perception of Burning Man was displayed within a custom diamond overlay, created using the latest in CSS3 transforms. The overlay featured not only an interview, but a slideshow as well as possibly a video. All while being fully responsive on the latest mobile devices, optimised through a complex, dynamic lodaing system.

To combat load times on such a creatively demanding experience, a complex, dynamic load system was created to show content to users only when they really needed it, making the experience truly mobile friendly. Enter the world of the Playa below and let us know what you think...